Here you can add a link to your own site that will take your club members directly to your listing with us in a MOBILE FRIENDLY window!
Choose an easy read image below to add to your site or use your own!

A simple way to get great service to your members is to add a search results link.
Even easier if you have your own category on our site!
Our site adjusts to most mobile devices in a way that is very simple to navigate and see quickly and clearly!

Copy one of these images or create your own!
Simply copy a logo on this page.
On our site, go the the search results page with you want your  mobile client to see.
Copy the link at the top of that page.

Go to your own site and add the image.
Add the link to the image.

Your visitors can now go to the results page at to view your mobile friendly results page.
We can help you with this if required! (fee based service)

TO COPY ANY IMAGE / right click and save to your 
preferred location