[pt_section element_name=”Section” width=”boxed” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” padding=”10px,0px,10px,0px” margin=”,,,” extra_class=””][pt_row element_name=”Row”][pt_column width=”1/1″][pt_image_slider_boxes element_name=”Image Slider” images=”13029″ caption=”no” delay=”5000″ navigation=”no” arrows=”no” box1=”WEBSITE DESIGNLet us build your new website or re-build your site to a mobile friendly easy to use modern site. With our recommended fast pages hosting pack you are ready to meet Google’s new requirements.” box1_link=”https://www.t900.co.uk” box1_h=”188px” box1_color=”” box2=”GOOGLE & FACEBOOK We fine tune your Google advertising catchment area and minimise clicks that waste money.” box2_link=”https://www.t900.co.uk” box2_h=”178px” box2_color=”” box3=”GOOGLE SEOOpen a Google analytics account and install code into your site for viewing and analysing your website visitor traffic. ” box3_link=”https://www.t900.co.uk” box3_h=”155px” box3_color=”” box4=”DIGITAL SERVICESInstall system for site visitors to like, follow or share with icon positioning options. Share your pages or images. A great way to get your site spread around the social networks.” box4_link=”https://www.t900.co.uk” box4_h=”188px” box4_color=””][/pt_image_slider_boxes][pt_button element_name=”Visit the T900 Design Website” bg_color=”” bg_color_hvr=”” font_color=”” font_color_hvr=”” border_color=”” border_color_hvr=”” border_radius=”2px” border_width=”” link=”https://www.t900.co.uk” text=”Visit the T900 Design Website” width=”100%” icon=”fa-check” target=”_blank” extra_class=”” size=”btn-lg”][/pt_button][/pt_column][/pt_row][/pt_section]