Editing your listing


Your Listing is divided into 5 sections.
Please fill in as much as you can and always remember to save your listing each time you edit it.


Listing Description



Example: London | Club or Venue name

The Directory is listed in alphabetical order by TOWN / CITY then Your club or venue name.
New listings that do not follow this rule will be removed until amended.


The area for adding text and images to your over 30s event or club listing. You can change text size, font and colour.

Keywords should be only separated by commas. Example….over, 30s, nights, singles, couples.
Note: please limit your keywords to 5 keywords.

Listing Category



Enter just one category when you make a new listing. Choose the category “Over 30s” .

Extra categories can be added later by contacting Over 30s.
Do not try to use other event company categories


Listing Attachments


Addling images  photos
An upload window will open when you click ‘choose file’ allowing you to upload up to 4 images.
Images should be up to 650 px X 650 px maximum.
Try to keep the pixels small as website pictures do not need high resolution.

Listing Details


Add your info

Enter your information into the relevant text area boxes
Keep details brief as overloading this area results in layout distortion
This may affect your mobile device listings display
Then after your listing has been saved, go back and edit your new listing.
You can then add the post code into the ‘Listing Location’ section for the Google Maps.


Listing Location



Enter your club venue postcode here to show it on your listing Google Map.
SAVE YOUR LISTING for the second time and your listing will be published!